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Introduction to Photography with Gary Turner of Shutterspot Photography

Motorway SunsetLong exposure sunset from Scammonden looking West along the M62
Do you have a camera that you're not using to it's full potential?
Are you stuck in AUTO mode?
Want to shoot in FULL MANUAL?

If this all rings true, then book a personal Photography Tuition Session with Gary Turner of Shutterspot Photography.

Gary's personal 1-1 photography tuition aims to help new DSLR users understand how their camera works and how to apply the basic photographic principles.


- Your camera - how it works

- Exposure Triangle

- Creative use of your camera's settings - Aperture, Shutter Speed, Metering.

- Learn basic composition techniques to turn snaps into photographs.


You'll walk away from the tuition with the skills you need to start using your camera with confidence so you can create your photographic vision.

The tuition is aimed at DSLR users but any modern camera or smartphone capable of manual control can take advantage of the training.

How the tuition works

Personal tuition is a very relaxed, informal and enjoyable experience, out and about at an agreed photogenic location in West Yorkshire.

Sessions will normally begin over a cup of coffee (or tea) to go through the basics before heading out on an interactive learning walk.

The sessions last for 3 hours


£85.00 - Payment must be made in full in advance of the session.


Contact Gary on 07870 576995, email or complete the online Contact Form


Student must be able to bring along a Digital SLR or camera capable of shooting in full manual mode. If possible please also bring a tripod.