December 2019

K&F Concept 100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter

I’ve just taken delivery of the K&F Concept 100mm ND8 3 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter to add to my growing collection of K&F filters.  As expected, the ND8 arrived in the usual high quality packaging, well protected for transit in it’s sturdy faux leather case with magnetic catch. [rl_gallery id=”14526″] So what is an ND8 filter? Neutral density filters are available in different strengths/darkness which reduces by a specific number of stops of light.  The filters are labelled in […]

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Reflective Softbox Umbrella Try Out

Trying out a different modifier today. A Reflective Softbox Umbrella, I normally work with a shoot-through umbrella as it gives a nice diffused light as well as a nice octagonal catch light in the eye. Florence was kind enough to sit for a few test shots for me. The umbrella is about 90cm so it’s a good ratio to the subject, giving a pleasant diffused soft light. My only initial reservation is the Speedlite is quite prominent in the catch […]

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Sarish Family Photoshoot

A lovely winter afternoon spent in the company of the Sarish family to take some new family portraits. What a super, smiley group of children! There’s still time to book a pre-Christmas family photoshoot. Get in touch with me on 07870 576995, or email Check out the Portait Photography page for full details of the packages.          

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