K&F Concept 100mm ND1000 Review

For a very long time I’ve been using a Tiffen 77mm circular ND1000 filter for my long exposure photography.

As you probably all know I’m predominately a black and white photographer, with this in mind, colour cast has never been a big issue for me. Lately though I’ve been straying into colour photography territory far more often and problems have arisen!

The Tiffen 77mm has a very prominent magenta colour cast, and I’ve struggled with removing it in Lightroom during post processing. It is possible but I just don’t feel I’m left with natural looking tones.

Here’s a sample of the Tiffen filter taken RAW from camera, all i’ve applied in post is some noise reduction.

As you see, a very heavy magenta colour cast.

Enough is enough, I’ve decided to move to 100mm filters instead. I waded through review after review of all of the leading brands but in the end decided to try a middle price bracket, fairly new brand, K&F Concept.

To be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product when it arrived. The packaging is exceptional, a foam-lined box, padded leather filter holder, and the filter itself wrapped in a protective wrapper and tissue paper.

The ND1000 filter itself seems to be a very high quality, weighty glass, but what about the final images?

Well first of all lets take a look at a control shot, no filter, and just a touch of noise reduction.

Then let’s see the first shot through the K&F Concept 100mm ND1000

Just WOW, I call that pretty much neutral!

I’ve been converted by K&F Concept, I shall certainly be looking to add a graduated ND to my collection based on the performance of the ND1000.

I bought my filter via Amazon for £41.99, a fantastic purchase!


  1. Hi Gary, great review…I have a Kase system and looking to add both the 10 stop and ND Grad but kase filters are way overpriced…they may be good but I would be terrified to use them in the field having already scratched my lee filter grad! can you tell me if there is any noticeable sharpness loss, I will be printing A3+ so its important to me, any help would be appreciated.
    Best Regards

    • Hi Paul,

      I’ve had no issues with sharpness with the K&F filters. They’re superb quality glass, you can feel in the weight of it. The case is sturdy (faux) leather and velvet lined inside so they’re well protected when out and about.

      You can see all the images i’ve used the filters on with the nd1000 tag https://www.shutterspot.co.uk/product-tag/nd1000/ if you need more examples.

      I’ve no hesitation in recommending them for quality and price.

      Kind Regards

      • Thanks, Gary, prompt reply, all the reviews are good for these filters but often end with ‘excellent for the price’…. which means what? they look just the job for me…will order them soon as I get home, thanks again, great images by the way.

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