April 2021

Shutterspots No. 6: Brighouse Weir and Sugden’s Mill

[rl_gallery id=”16940″] Staying very local for this shutterspot.  My local town, Brighouse.  It hosts the distinctive towers of Sugden’s Mill which in recent years have been purchased by the Rokt Climbing Gym.  The main Mill building backs on to the River Calder beside a weir.  At full flow, the weir is an impressive site. Photography Subjects Long exposure, water, sunrise, sunset, reflection, weir, flowing water Key Locations See the google map below for my points for nearby parking and for […]

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Chiaroscuro and Architecture

I’ve always held a deep fascination with Black and White / Monochrome photography.  Something happens when a photograph is presented as black and white, without the distractions and emotional ties of colour. Monochrome works exceptionally well in portraiture, drawing the viewer in, letting them see the subject clearly.  I find that the same can be said for architectural photography. Remove the colour from urban and architectural photography and you gain an unobstructed view of the myriad angles and shapes. The […]

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