November 2019

K&F Concept 78.75 Inch Aluminium Photograph Light Stand Review

The nice people over at K&F Concept were nice enough to send me over their K&F Concept 78.75 Inch Aluminium Photograph Light Stand to use and review. Light stands are an essential part of any portrait photographers kit bag.  We’d never get the final shots if we didn’t have anything to hold all those flashes, strobes, umbrellas and soft-boxes. The light stand is made of aluminium alloy and is very sturdy, and states it can hold up to 4Kg.  The […]

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Photography Marathon

As a member of Rastrick Photography Group we partake in monthly challenges to learn new skills, and share what we know with other members of the group. Aside from our monthly projects, we decided to partake in a Photography Marathon challenge this year. The marathon is a challenge based around a few simple guidelines 6 random subjects are chosen take the photos in order of the list of topics No editing or adding filters after taking a shot. (Except Filters […]

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