K&F Concept Soft Graduated GND8 3 f-stop Filter Review

I’ve just taken delivery of the K&F Concept Soft Graduated Neutral Density GND8 3 f-stop Filter 100*150mm I was greatly anticipating it’s arrival as it should be the perfect accompaniment to my K&F Concept ND1000. Up till now I’ve been using a very cheap, resin 100x150mm grad to deal with the sky in my landscape photography. So let’s take a look at the package. The filter comes packaged in a very sturdy, and very professional looking card box lined with […]

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K&F Concept 100mm ND1000 Review

For a very long time I’ve been using a Tiffen 77mm circular ND1000 filter for my long exposure photography. As you probably all know I’m predominately a black and white photographer, with this in mind, colour cast has never been a big issue for me. Lately though I’ve been straying into colour photography territory far more often and problems have arisen! The Tiffen 77mm has a very prominent magenta colour cast, and I’ve struggled with removing it in Lightroom during […]

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