K&F Concept 78.75 Inch Aluminium Photograph Light Stand Review

The nice people over at K&F Concept were nice enough to send me over their K&F Concept 78.75 Inch Aluminium Photograph Light Stand to use and review.

Light stands are an essential part of any portrait photographers kit bag.  We’d never get the final shots if we didn’t have anything to hold all those flashes, strobes, umbrellas and soft-boxes.

The light stand is made of aluminium alloy and is very sturdy, and states it can hold up to 4Kg.  The legs were something new, compared to standard light stands with their folding legs, the K&F light stand has solid legs which fold back over the main stock, much like a travel tripod.  This feature makes set up super quick, just fold out the legs and they immediately lock into place with the spring loaded locks. To fold again, simply press the thumb button.  There are 2 settings to position the legs.

At full height the light stand measures 78.75”, a little over 200cm, a large enough range to cover even the tallest portait subject.  Extending the light stand is achieved with 3 quick lock plastic buckles.

I did the first shoot with the light stand earlier to grab a few new headshots of my own children.  I used my 60cm softbox and Canon speedlite in an S-Type flash bracket which attaches to the standard 1/4″ mount on the stand.

Here are a couple of the final shots from the shoot

The K&F Concept Light Stand is going to be part of my portrait kit bag going forward, and it’s very likely I’ll add a couple more going forward. A highly recommended stand if you’re looking for one.

The K&F Concept Light Stand is available from the Kent Faith store and from Amazon. If you purchase before 30th December 2019 you can use the discount KF10UK in the Kent Faith store to get a 10% discount.

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