2021 Photography Review

As with 2020, 2021 has been an odd year.  I’ve personally struggled with my photography endeavours, not being able to find the time to dedicate to the art.

In a normal year I would usually be able to meet up with fellow togs and enjoy that beneficial bouncing of ideas and inspiration that can be gained by participating in a group outing.  For 2021, the vast majority of my favourite portfolio entries were from solo outings.


It’s not very often (incredibly rare, in fact) that I make it out for a sunrise.  It escapes me at this point in the year as to why I managed to get up early in January but it did result in a short trip to Brighouse canal basin.  I used the canal bridge as part of the composition, to mirror the shape of the tow path, creating a pleasing S-shape, framing the sunrise and reflection.  Rewarded with some wonderful colours.


I’ve visited the historic Eastergate bridge, just outside of Marsden, many times, such a wonderful bit of local history.  This visit was actually a commission for a local business who wished to use a  bit of the local history in their marketing material.  I was also testing out a set of new ND filters at the time so the stony brook beneath the bridge was perfect.


Not wanting to travel far, I headed down to a local spot on the River Calder, Brighouse Weir, a regular shot for my portfolio.  Shooting with the ND1000 and my Sigma 10-20mm I decided to accentuate the warping of the buildings to give a different view.


Above Slaithwaite is a little wood and riverside trail through Merrydale Clough.  Besides being a lovely walk, there are a few very photogenic spots, including the steps, a waterfall and a mill pond.


A visit to London Town for the day job offered the opportunity to grab a shot of St Pancreas station.   I wandered along the side of the station until I was able to find an almost perfectly symmetrical composition of the architectural features.  This was my highlight of the year, I love the symmetry.


Originally on Twitter I chose an image from an unplanned, late afternoon visit to the Lake District and a walk up a fell (hill possibly).  It was the first real family day out we’d had for quite some time so it provided some wonderful memories.  I was able to capture a panoramic of the light from the setting sun over the surrounding landscape.

I’ve also included another shot of Salts Mill Weir, Bradford.  My local photography group managed to meet outdoors for the first time after so many cancelled events.   The weir offers and endless variety of swirling water patterns that work perfectly as a long exposure.


Another late evening jaunt out with the family.  We drove in the late afternoon over to Talacre Beach, North Wales to catch the sunset.  It was glorious, and very warm.


There was rain, lots of it, perfect for waterfalls I figured.  So, a very, very rainy walk up towards Wessenden Head above Marsden.


Headed out to catch sunset over Ogden windfarm above Halifax.  A low bank of cloud scuppered the perfect sunset photograph but I did catch one interesting image of the clouds above the wind turbines.


Visited Oxford to see our son who is studying in the City.  I was able to spend a bit of the day wandering the historic streets and managed to capture a quintessential Oxford cyclist under the Bridge of Sighs.


I really have no skill whatsoever with woodland photography, so I’m never normally able to capture any of the autumnal colours each year.  This year I think I managed something passable.  Judy Woods in full autumnal colour.


Empty space on the memory card so far.  I’m holding out for something wonderful over the Christmas period, possibly on Boxing Day when I often get a chance to visit the coast.

Well, that is my 2021 round up.  I hope you all managed something, and that it is something you are pleased to have in your portfolio.

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