K&F Concept 100mm Nano-X Pro Filter System Review

The 100mm filter system is back, and upgraded for 2022.

Early December I took delivery of the new K&F Concept 100mm Nano-X Pro Filter System which comes with some big, award winning improvements – it’s won an iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award.

Unboxing the filter.

As with all K&F Concept products, they’re stylishly presented and well packed for transport.  The magnetic faux leather filter case is considerably larger than previous kits so it’s definitely an initial consideration for carrying and storage.  The case is approximately H 15cm x W 13cm x D 7cm.

In total the kit comes inclusive of the 100mm filter holder, 3 x 100mm ND filters, 95mm CPL, and 67, 72, 77 & 82mm adapter rings.

Within the magnetic outer flap are 3 main sections.  Firstly a pull-tab lift out area to allow easy access to the 3 included 100mm ND filters.  Second a slot to hold the 95mm CPL filter and lastly a larger section which stores the 100mm filter holder and adapter rings for your lens.

The filter holder has been completely redesigned.  It is now much deeper (12mm) as it contains an innovative slot to hold the included 95mm CPL separately from the 100mm filters.  Pressing the small clip raises a curved bar, the 95mm CPL is dropped in and the clip pushed back into place.  The CPL then sits between the lens and the 100mm filters.  The CPL has cog teeth around it’s outer edge which at first glance seems odd until you put the CPL into the filter holder.  On the outer edge is an orange dial wheel which allows for precision rotation of the CPL whilst it’s inside the filter holder.  A clever design enhancement over manually trying to twist a CPL on the end of your lens to get the correct polarisation.

There are three included 100mm ND Filters in ND8(3-Stop), ND64(6-Stop), and ND1000(10-Stop).  All are the existing K&F Concept high quality, nano-coated, glass.  I’ve reviewed variations of these ND filters many times, and use them exclusively myself.  The big addition for this version is the clip on filter edges which stop all light-leak around the edge of the filter holder, and make the glass much easier to handle, less prone to finger prints too.

Attaching the filter holder to your lens is always the trickiest part of the operation, trying to apply the holder without knocking your composition or focus.  To aid in this the thumb button has been enlarged so it is a much easier operation.  The switch can also be screwed tight to effectively lock the filter holder to the adapter ring, holding it’s orientation.

The filter holder can take 2 x 100mm filters at a time so you can combine a 100mm ND with say a 150mm graduated filter.

This set has now replaced my existing 100mm filter holder.  I’ve found the in built CPL filter to be a great improvement as I previously had to stack one below the filter rings making adjustment somewhat awkward.

I recently visited the Sunderland coast and used the filter set to capture the following image of the stormy seas against the promenade.

The K&F Concept 100mm Nano-X Pro Filter System is available at the Kent Faith website. You can get a 10% discount with code KF10UK (Till end of June 2022).

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Happy photographing!


  1. Really liked your review – thanks for taking the time to share your findings.

    I’ve used Lee filters for a number of years, but have recently had seperate ‘water related incidents’ which resulted in me damaging my 6 stop ND and CPL.

    This whole kit is cheaper than me replacing the CPL alone here in Australia – so I’ve just placed an order for this kit…. And a couple of packs of frames, which will hopefully fit my surviving Lee filters!

    Thanks again, can’t wait for my gear to arrive – and to test-drive it on some Aussie seascapes and cityscapes.

  2. Thanks for this great review Gary – this looks like a fantastic piece of kit, especially at the price point.

    I’ve exclusively used the Lee filter system, but recently had a couple of water related incidents and broken my ND6 and CPL.

    The cost of this whole kit, is a similar price to replacing just the CPL here in Aus. So Ion the back of your review, I’ve placed an order for this package – and a couple of packs of frames – which will hopefully hold my surviving Lee filters.

    Looking forward to trying my first K&F gear – and road testing with some Aussie seascapes and cityscapes.

    Thanks again Gary and K&F.

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