K&F Concept Fashion DSLR Camera Travel Backpack Review

To compliment the recent review of the K&F Concept TM2515T Tripod, K&F asked if I would try out their K&F Fashion DSLR Camera Travel Backpack.


The backpack is very compact but still manages to have plenty of pockets, nets, and compartments.  The main camera equipment compartment is accessible through a double-zip panel on the inside of the pack (great for that extra bit of security).  Inside the double-zip pocket you find the customary camera and lens pockets.  All of the pocket walls have velcro tabs so you detach and re-arrange in a configuration that best suits your own equipment.  The camera holder is also accessible from a quick access zip panel on the right hand side of the backpack, making it easy to just flip off one shoulder and extract the camera.

You can comfortably fit one large DSLR and two or three lenses.   There are a number of small velcro pockets on the panels where you can store accessories, batteries, memory cards, etc.  In my own case, I have the main compartment filled by my Canon 7D, two lenses and my Canon speedlite which fits very neatly in one of the areas.   By no means is this intended to carry all of your equipment but will certainly hold enough for most outdoor excursions.

Above the camera compartment, underneath the top flap which is secured with two faux leather straps with magnetic clasps, there is a drawstring closed storage area.  It’s advertised with the intention of carrying your extra essentials such as clothing.  Inside the compartments there is a slim vertical section which runs down behind the camera compartment, reaching to the bottom of the pack.  I’m using this area to store my ND and Grad filter pouches as it holds them steady and they’re not likely to get crushed or bent in transit.  The following image shows the compartment in use for clothing.

There is another small zipped front pocket, with slots for memory cards, and a side pouch and straps that allow you to carry a travel tripod. The top pocket also contains a rain cover which stretches over the entire bag, a useful addition.

The travel tripod attaches easily by dropping of the legs into the side pocket and then clipping the restraining strap around the main body of the tripod.


The bag is constructed from a denim type material and feels sturdy.  It’s reported to be waterproof but I’ve not had any opportunity to test that out as yet.  The seams all look strong and I’ve held it up fully loaded inc. tripod by just the top strap and it didn’t feel like it would give.  All in all a very nice looking bag.

So, if you’re looking for a new bag for your travels, I think this could be the one.

You can find the bag at the KentFaith.com website and on Amazon

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