K&F Concept KF13.084 Large DSLR Camera Backpack Review

After using the K&F Concept Fashion Backpack for a good few years now, it’s time for something fresh.  I need a larger backpack with extra space for more camera gear, so I’ve recently taken delivery of the K&F Concept KF13.084 Large DSLR Camera Backpack from the lovely people at Kent Faith.

This is a big 25 litre backpack with plenty of storage, straps, pockets, meshes and a dedicated laptop pocket.  On first inspection you can immediately see that this bag is built for protecting your valuable camera gear as well as providing a comfortable carrying experience.

At the sides of the bag you will find two sturdy mesh net pockets which can be used to carry bottles, snacks, small equipment or, utilising the straps directly above, as two extra tripod mounts.  The mesh pockets are supported at the bottom with extra padding in the same material as the backpack so if a tripod is placed in the pocket, it won’t tear through the net.


Moving around to the main face of the backpack we are presented with what K&F Concept term the Suspend System, which is the main tripod holder.  The beauty of the central position means that carrying a large tripod is going to place the weight in the centre of your back rather than at the side, putting less strain on your spine and shoulder.  Down each side of the Suspend System are two tall zip pockets which can be used to store small equipment.  One of the pockets includes an elasticated net for restraining items.

The backpack straps, all important, making the difference between a comfortable hike to a photography location or a sore back when you get home.   The backpack straps are thick, padded and double stitched for extra strength.  When wearing the pack fully loaded with my gear, I found that the straps are a curved shape over the shoulders so they hold the weight of the backpack higher on your back which feels very comfortable.  The Suspend System keeping the tripod central was also a big improvement over my previous backpack where I always felt weighed to the side and I was also knocking the tripod against obstructions.

The backpack straps are aided by two padded waist straps and an elasticated chest strap if you like to have your backpack strapped tightly whilst walking.

Along the front of the backpack straps, elasticated holders and buckles have been provided where you can attach smaller equipment, drinks, cleaning clothes, Go Pro for vlogging, etc.

The main backpack is split into two zipped sections.  One for your laptop, and the main compartment for your camera gear.

The two zips nearest the backpack straps open the laptop pocket.  The inner lining of the pocket, on both sides and the bottom are thickly padded to protect the laptop from the exterior and from bumping into your camera gear in the main compartment.  As extra security there are two clasps positioned over the laptop zips from the shoulder straps ensuring that the laptop remains firmly closed, even if the zips were to be opened.


Now the important part.  The camera gear compartment.  Two zips are used to open the entire front of the backpack to gain access to the compartment.  This zip mechanism includes a quick access mechanism for extracting your camera body.  Zipping a third of the way down you can open the top flap and take out your camera, quick and easy.  There are two more clasps which go across the zips at this point which keep the rest of the backpack closed so your equipment cannot accidentally fall out when you’re using the quick access.  Very well thought out design.


Opening the backpack fully we are presented with the main storage area.  This can holds 2 DSLR camera bodies and multiple lenses, flash and other photography accessories.  There are 6 small padded separators, 2 large padded separators and 2 elasticated restraining straps.  All of these have velcro and can be arranged in any way that best suits your own equipment.

On the inside of the cover there are a number of elasticated mesh pockets and a large zipped pocket that can be used to store filters, documents, small snacks, other slim equipment.

The backpack construction is of the usual high standard you would expect from K&F Concept.   The bag is splash proof and tear resistant nylon with excellent stitching ensuring the weight bearing areas won’t fray or rip.  Internally the bag uses PE board and EPE Foam for padding and comfort.  The bag is also supplied with the an elasticated rain cover which easily stretches over the entire bag.



I’m very pleased with this backpack, it’s got plenty of space for extra equipment, it’s comfortable to use and I can confidently say it’s going to be my main equipment backpack for the foreseeable future.

The K&F Concept KF13.084 Large DSLR Camera Backpack is available at the Kent Faith website and from Amazon.  You can get 10% discount from Amazon with code: D5TB7OE3 valid until March 5th 2021.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, do you have this bag? Thinking of picking one up?

Happy photographing!

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