K&F Concept KF13.107 Backpack Review

Big box arrives on the doorstep, and I mean a huge box, for literally the biggest backpack I’ve ever had! This thing is enormous!

Anyway before we delve deeper, this is a review of the K&F Concept KF13.107 Large Backpack. K&F kindly sent one over for me to try out.  I have been using the KF13.084 Backpack for a while now, and at the time that in itself was a step up in backpack capacity for me.  The KF13.107 goes even further in storage capacity and features on offer.

The KF13.107 is a whopping 33 litre capacity bag, split over two compartments with two distinct access points.  Approximately 8 litres larger than my existing backpack.  The first thought that will spring to mind is, surely that’s just more weight to carry? You’ll be pleasantly surprised, the unloaded bag is surprisingly light.

A tour of the outer bag.  There are two main access points on the bag, upper and lower, as well as an elasticated attachment strap area, two tripod/bottle holders, and numerous small pockets and clips.

The upper zip opens onto the main quick access camera area. The compartment comes composed with the standard velcro separators that can be positioned to suit your own camera body and lens selection.  It can comfortably hold a body and attached lens, with storage for 4-5 other lens or accessories.  At the front, the compartment is covered by a thin zip down partition which has a small net area that can hold other peripherals, cards, etc.  On the inside of the flap there is a deep, padded zip pocket which is perfect for holding 2-3 lens filters if you happen to have them in slimline cases.

It might seem simple, but one of the most useful design features of the outer bag is the addition of little plastic loops on the zip handles.  It makes opening the bag so easy, probably even when wearing large gloves.

At the rear of the top compartment is a deep, padded laptop compartment that can easily hold up to a 17″ laptop, or smaller tablets, perfect for editing on location.

On the outer of the flap there is another slimline zip pocket which contains a couple of velcro pockets which can provide easy access storage for batteries and memory cards.

On each side of the bag there is a pocket which can hold tripods, water bottles, etc.  Rather than clips for holding the tripods, an expandable strap is supplied so you have to drop the tripod into the loop, into the pocket, and then tighten the strap.  For larger tripods, there is a secret pull out extra pocket on the corner/bottom of the bag. (So secret, I didn’t actually discover this till later and had been seating my tripod in the main pocket)

At the lower of the bag is the second multi purpose compartment. The bag arrives with this section holding the bonus small camera/lens bag (reviewed below) and 5 velcro partitions.   Adding the velcro partitions in the arrangement shown provides padded storage for up to 6 extra lens, or another camera body and lens selection.

The backpack straps are very interesting.  There is a velcro strap in the centre of the back that when opened allows the height of the shoulder straps to be adjusted to 3 different locations thus positioning the backpack from the upper to lower back.

The straps themselves are thick and well padded.  I’ve worn the fully loaded pack all day and not felt any aches or irritation.

There are also two waist pads and belt strap for those who prefer to wear the bag strapped tightly whilst on a walk.  The waist pads have a number of small pockets and straps for attaching maps, etc.

The backpack comes supplied with a bonus second, small shoulder camera pack.  The bag can be worn with the supplied shoulder strap or can be attached to the waist.  The bag itself is large enough to hold a DSLR and lens, and possibly a second lens depending on the size of the camera body.  The bag is supplied with an extra padded velcro compartment separator but you could also use some of the separators supplied with the main bag if you so choose.

It’s a perfect little bonus, and handy for just a quick photowalk where you might need just another lens with you.

Overall I’ve found the K&F Concept KF13.107 Large Backpack to be very versatile, comfortable and user friendly.  It is easily large enough to carry almost anyone’s full equipment set, with room to spare.  I’ve now ditched the previous backpack and moved all of my equipment across.

The K&F Concept KF13.107 Large Backpack is available at the Kent Faith website. You can get a 10% discount with code KF10UK (Until 31/12/2021).

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, do you have this bag? Thinking about it?

Happy photographing!

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