I’m sure I’m not alone in having a huge archive of photographs. Sometimes I like to dip back into the archive and see how my photography has changed/improved (hopefully!) over the years.

It’s interesting to go back and re-edit old photographs to see if you can re-imagine them.

On a visit to Bath in 2015 I stumbled across a wonderful stone stairwell that was spilling light out onto the dark riverside. My original image was of course Black and White, but over the last few years I’ve started to do a lot more colour work too.

Here’s a fresh edit of ‘Stairwell Light’, in colour. I also took the opportunity to crop it slightly differently to sort some of the lines within the image, making it a bit more geometric inside the square crop.

Light spills from a stairwell in Bath

The original Black and White is here too, let me know your thoughts.

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