Shutterspots No. 3: M62 Motorway Trails

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Long exposure, light trails, great fun! Being so close to the M62 motorway has been a constant source of inspiration for long exposure vehicle light trails. By no means are my suggested locations the only great places to capture the M62. I’m sure almost any bridge over the M62 will provide a suitable location for capturing some fantastic light trails. I would say that the Pennine area will obviously provide some fantastic landscape backdrops, but equally there are plenty of nice landmarks that can serve as backdrops in other locations along the motorway’s length, such as near Ferrybridge Power station.

Photography Subjects

Long exposure, light trails, vehicles, roads

Key Locations

See the google map below for some starting locations around the Pennine area of the M62.  These are my own choice locations, some of which are demonstrated in the main gallery.  As always, explore the location and make your own mark.  As always please be safe and sensible around the roads, and on some of the higher bridges. The map also includes a suggested car parking locations

Getting There

There are a number of car parking places around each location, some marked on the map.

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