Shutterspots No. 5: Loch Lomond

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Loch Lomond.. it’s Scotland, don’t really need to single out one Loch, every single one is a photography treat.

But anyway, let’s focus on this one, and my limited exposure to what is actually available. I’ve not been lucky enough to have been able to spend a great deal of time around the Loch so I only have two locations, but at each I managed to capture an image that I was really pleased with, one is perhaps my most favourite image I have ever taken.

Photography Subjects

Long exposure, water, horizon, sunrise, sunset, mountains, landscape, mist, fog, reflection

Key Locations

See the google map below for my points along Loch Lomond. These are my choice locations, some of which are demonstrated in the main gallery. As always, explore the location and make your mark. As always please be safe and sensible along the water. The map also includes suggested car parking locations.

Getting There

Loch Lomond is easily accessible along the main A82 road on the West, with smaller roads to allow access to the East of the Loch. My main location is at the North of the Loch on the A82 to photograph the derelict jetty. I have also stopped in Luss to photograph from the beach front.

The parking for the jetty is very small, probably one 1-2 cars and is on the Southbound side so if there is heavy traffic you may not be able to pull across if you are heading North. Please take care.

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