Talking Photography with Euan Ross of Biblioscapes

As first experiences go, this was a big one.  Let’s face, I’m  your atypical introverted nerd.

Out of the blue, a few weeks ago, I was asked by Euan Ross to participate in his long running photography podcast series ‘Biblioscapes In Discussion‘.

Just take a look at the names of previous interviewees on the playlist.  Let’s just say, I was terrified!  These are the names of the photographers I regularly look at in awe.

Anyway, Euan was not to be dissuaded.

So on a Wednesday evening recently we had a zoom call, Euan pressed record and I talked about my start in photography and my introduction to the world of zines.

If you’d like to listen, then head right over to Euan’s site,, or you can pick up the podcast on Apple Podcasts,
Spotify, or Google Podcasts

A huge thank you to Euan for letting me mingle with such esteemed company.

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